The general conditions stated here will be applicable as regulations for the contracting of Lockers Sevilla lockers, as well as for their operation and use.

In this sense, the conditions will apply to the contractual relationship between Lockers Sevilla and the user of the service.

What can the lockers owned by Lockers Sevilla be used for?

This document regulates the limits and possibilities of locker usage. Based on these regulations, a user can place as many suitcases as they want inside the rented locker(s).

What is the minimum and maximum duration for the service provided by Lockers Sevilla?

The duration depends on the user’s needs; however, it is between a minimum period of 24 hours (from 12:00 a.m. on day X to 12:00 a.m. the following day) and the time it takes for the user to retrieve their belongings.

When can the user make use of the locker service offered by Lockers Sevilla?

The service will be available as long as it is contracted, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Once the user has deposited their belongings, who can access the establishment to retrieve them?

Only users who have contracted the service using their personal code will have access to the establishment. However, if the user shares their code with third parties and the third party gains access, it will always be under the responsibility of the main user.

What is the procedure to follow in the event of any type of incident, both with the lockers and in the establishment?

In the case of any other type of incident, the user will have access to Lockers Sevilla’s customer service, which can be reached through the email or via WhatsApp at +34 690 08 34 12.

How far in advance can I modify or cancel my reservation?

The reservation can only be modified up to 24 hours before its start.


In order to use the smart locker service offered by Lockers Sevilla, it is essential to meet at least the following requirements:

  • Being 16 years old or older.
  • Fill in accurately and with truthful personal information, desired services, and payment methods, which will appear in the reservation field on the Lockers Sevilla website.
  • Accept the general terms and conditions of the contracted service and use. 
  • Accept the privacy policy of Lockers Sevilla.

Once the above steps have been accurately completed, the user will receive a confirmation of their reservation by email. The confirmation email will include the assigned locker number(s), reserved day(s), as well as access codes for the establishment and the locker(s).



Data Controller

Lockers Sevilla


(1) Management of the reservation formalized by the user.

(2) Sending commercial communications via email (Lockers Sevilla offers).

Legal Basis

Execution of a contract through the formalization of the reservation. 

Express consent in the case of commercial communications via email.


The data will not be disclosed to third parties, except for legal obligations.


Rights of access, rectification, opposition, limitation, and cancellation,

as detailed in this section.

Additional Information

 If you want more detailed information on Data Protection, please continue reading.


The form presented in the previous paragraph, which the user must fill out, contains the data of Lockers Sevilla that the user needs to formalize the rental contract for their belongings.

The user guarantees that all the provided data related to their identity, as well as the data provided to make the reservation, are true, accurate, and complete.

The personal data provided by the user to Lockers Sevilla, as well as the provided email address, will be used for the following purposes:

  • Exclusively managing the reservations made by the user of the service. Lockers Sevilla will be authorized and legitimized to process the personal data for the stated purpose. By accepting the contract terms, the user expressly consents to Lockers Sevilla processing their personal data as expressed and detailed here.
  • Receiving commercial communications via email from Lockers Sevilla. This consent can be revoked by the user at any time.
  • Subject to video surveillance in accordance with the current and applicable data protection regulations.
  • The user will be entitled to file a complaint with the Supervisory Authorities for data protection and, in particular, with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

In line with the above, please be informed that Lockers Sevilla will not transfer the data nor apply automated decision-making processes regarding the user’s provided data.


By accessing and accepting the terms and conditions of the service offered by Lockers Sevilla, the user expressly agrees to:

  • Make proper use of the facilities in accordance with the rules of good use, specifically ensuring that the locker(s), as well as the entrance door to the premises being used, are properly closed when the user leaves the establishment.
  • Not use the lockers for purposes prohibited by current legislation. Specifically, the user agrees not to store or deposit objects whose possession or trafficking is prohibited by authorities or specific regulations (such as stolen objects, drugs, pornographic materials, or any degrading materials towards human beings, etc.).
  • Not store any items for which a license or authorization is required (such as weapons of any kind).
  • Not introduce any flammable, contaminating, or potentially hazardous materials into the lockers that could pose a risk to other users or the facilities (such as flammable objects or dangerous or contaminating substances).
  • Not use the lockers to store or deposit animals or any living beings.
  • Not introduce any biodegradable substances into the lockers, such as food or beverages, to prevent damage to the facilities.
  • Ensure that the security code provided to access Lockers Sevilla’s service is not transmitted or provided to third parties, and assume strict responsibility for any consequences that may arise in case of such transmission.
  • Not use the lockers to deposit goods that should be collected by a third party. The lockers should not be used as a means of trafficking goods between parties. This is a use that Lockers Sevilla does not authorize.
  • The user shall not remain in the establishment longer than strictly necessary to deposit or retrieve their belongings.
  • Not consume food or beverages inside the premises.
  • Ensure that the lockers are left in the same condition as they were received at the beginning of the reservation and, specifically, notify Lockers Sevilla via the email of any damages or incidents that may arise during their use.
  • Not take photographs or videos inside Lockers Sevilla premises or of their security mechanisms.
  • Not include money, jewelry, technological items (tablets, computers, televisions, etc.), or high-value goods in the lockers. The user assumes sole and exclusive responsibility for the decision to use the rented lockers to store such high-value items


The user shall hold Lockers Sevilla harmless for any damages or defects resulting from non-compliance or lack of diligence regarding their obligations derived from this contractual document.

Failure to comply with the contracted deadline for the locker service

Lockers Sevilla reserves the right to empty the lockers due to failure to comply with the contract deadline in order to arrange the shipment of the user’s belongings (with the full cost of such return borne by the user). If fifteen days have passed without being able to contact the user or without the user contacting Lockers Sevilla, and if the belongings have not been retrieved, it shall be deemed that the user has abandoned the goods for all purposes. In such case, Lockers Sevilla will cease to keep them and dispose of them as it deems appropriate.

For each 24 hours that elapse from the expiration of the contracted service deadline without the locker(s) being released by the user until their delivery or collection by the user, a penalty equivalent to one full day’s rent will be imposed based on the price stipulated for the reserved locker.

Additionally, a penalty of €90 will be generated, which the user must pay to Lockers Sevilla for administrative expenses.

For the management of the return of belongings with transport companies chosen at the discretion of Lockers Sevilla, a commission of €60 will be generated in addition to the transportation cost and the penalty established in the previous point in favor of Lockers Sevilla. Lockers Sevilla, as well as the transport company, shall be exempt from any risk of damages that may occur during the return process.

The return of belongings will take place once Lockers Sevilla has received payment of the amounts specified in the previous sections from the user. If more than 12 calendar days have passed since Lockers Sevilla notified the user in writing of the amount to be paid and the user has not made this payment, it shall be deemed, for all purposes, that the user has waived the return of their belongings. Therefore, Lockers Sevilla will proceed as specified above for abandoned goods and may be deposited in the lost and found section managed by the Municipality of Sevilla.

Non-compliance with the rules of use established in this document.

Lockers Sevilla reserves the right to remove any object that, with knowledge that it does not comply with the usage regulations of the lockers, is also an object not allowed under these conditions. In such case, Lockers Sevilla shall be authorized to call the authorities and law enforcement agencies, as well as to report such conduct.

The user shall be solely responsible for the objects deposited within the lockers owned by Lockers Sevilla.

In this regard, by accepting the terms of the contract, the user shall be fully responsible for any damages or deterioration that may occur to the lockers due to their improper or inadequate use. In the event of such case, the user shall be obligated to compensate and restore Lockers Sevilla for the physical damages caused to the locker(s), as well as for lost profits.


The penalties established in these terms and conditions of contract and use shall be paid by the user using the same payment method used to contract the service, or by bank transfer to the account indicated by Lockers Sevilla.

The user expressly agrees that Lockers Sevilla may collect the amounts specified in this section using the user’s card or payment method used to contract the service.


Lockers Sevilla undertakes to keep the locker service active and provide the user, during the contracted period, with the locker(s) they have rented in good working condition.

Furthermore, Lockers Sevilla undertakes to resolve any incidents that may arise during the use of the lockers as quickly as possible.


Lockers Sevilla offers a service to users for leasing storage spaces for their belongings; however, it will not be responsible for the custody of the belongings. The user will be solely responsible for the items they place in the rented lockers.

If necessary, the user must file a complaint with the relevant authorities in the event of theft (regardless of any actions taken by Lockers Sevilla).

Although Lockers Sevilla has insurance to cover certain cases of loss of belongings, such insurance will not cover the loss of cash or virtual money, jewelry or costume jewelry, such as gemstones or others, watches, plasma screens, and generally any type of technological objects (LCDs, GPS navigators, mobile phones, computers, tablets), works of art, data storage systems such as cards or other media or devices that can contain or store data.


If the user wishes to make a complaint or suggestion, they can do so by sending an email to the following address:

At Lockers Sevilla, we will try to resolve the incident and find a solution that serves the interests of both parties.

Furthermore, if the user is not satisfied with Lockers Sevilla’s response, they have the option to submit a complaint form to the consumer authorities.


The applicable law will be Law 7/1998, of April 13, on general conditions of contract.

In this regard, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Spanish courts and tribunals to resolve any disputes arising from or related to this contract.


If any user has any questions about these general conditions or any comments about the Lockers Sevilla website, please contact us at

Make your reservation and enjoy the comfort!!